UFC Reebok Tiers

UFC Reebok Deal

Compensation Per Bout (USD) – Tenure Tier

$40,000 – Champion
$30,000 – Title Challenger
$20,000 – 21 Bouts and Above
$15,000 – 20 to 15 Bouts
$10,000 – 16 to 11 Bouts
$5,000 – 10 to 6 Bouts
$2,500 – 5 to 1 Bouts

UFC Reebok Athlete Outfitting Policy:


“UFC fighters are compensated for each individual bout based on tenure with the organization. Sponsorship pay is calculated using all bout appearances in UFC, as well as any bout appearances in World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce for the period those organizations were under the UFC/Zuffa umbrella.”


The UFC Reebok Deal went into effect on July 7, 2015. Reebok’s contract with the UFC is $70 million over six years. UFC fighters are (supposedly) compensated within 10 business days after a bout.

Fighters are reportedly paid a percentage of money from merchandise sold with their name and/or likeness. Fighters are not allowed to wear gear or clothing from other sponsors in the Octagon, during fight week, or at any UFC-related events.